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To The Perfect Girl

To the “perfect girl”: I wanted to be you.
I wanted to look like you, talk like you, live like you. I spent almost every waking moment of my day longing to be you.

When I was in middle school, it was a difficult time for me for multiple reasons, just like it is for most girls that age. I knew some girls that, in my eyes and everyone around them, were perfect. Popular, pretty, and “in the know.” I tried to become them. I read the books that were popular, that they wanted to read, instead of the books I wanted to read. I chose their likes and interests over my own, so I could be like them.

But one day I realized that they weren’t worth it. I realized they weren’t perfect. No matter how perfect they thought they were, or how perfect they seemed to outsiders, they just weren’t perfect. I had lost who I was because I tried to be them instead. I saw who they really were, underneath their perfect makeup and nicely tanned skin, and I didn’t want to be that kind of person.

I learned a lesson that I wish I had learned sooner – a lesson that would help so many girls today. That lesson is taught all through Scripture: God loves us. I was originally going to list a few passages concerning God’s love, but was overwhelmed by the number of verses mentioning the love of God. So let me leave you with this: God loves you. He doesn’t care how quirky or awkward or shy or extroverted you are. He doesn’t care if your hair isn’t perfect. He wants your life and your heart. He wants you to surrender your will and live for Him. Can you do that?

With love,

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