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The Spiritual Rut


Here’s to all the girls who have ever been in a rut.

Sometimes, I get in what I call “spiritual ruts”. I have zero motivation to pray, read my Bible, study, or write. Any past zeal for writing on this blog, for helping others or being Christ-like is gone. Usually this happens for a multitude of reasons: 1) My blog isn’t getting the views, shares, comments that I want or think I need; 2) I’ve been doing great in my spiritual life, and the Devil is getting discouraged, so he sends special-made trials, or 3) I’m physically and emotionally drained after being really busy.

These are the traps that lead me to the pit. Sometimes it’s all three at once, or sometimes it just takes one to knock me off my feet. When I fall into these ruts, I feel like a waste of a Christian. I was called to live with purpose, passion and prayer. But when I’m down and discouraged, I can’t pray. The words don’t come. I feel distant from God and worthless.

I think anyone who has ever tried to live like Christ has experienced this. It’s all the Devil. He sees that we’re striving to live pleasing to God and are living for Jesus, and he hates it. He is being defeated, and he’s angry. The Enemy knows you just as much as you know yourself. He knows your weaknesses, and he tests you accordingly.

But, there is always hope. The best thing we can do when we have zero motivation is to make ourselves motivated. Basically if we tell ourselves that we are going to be positive, we’re going to read our Bibles and be the Christians we should be, then eventually, we will.

This doesn’t mean we’re putting on a charade for God, tricking Him and everyone around us into thinking we’re spiritual. This is practicing discipline, and making ourselves do what we need to do.

If you are in a rut right now, first ask God to pull you out. Then take the necessary steps to motivate yourself and get your zeal back. Don’t stay discouraged. Get yourself back to the loving, positive, enthusiastic Christian you’re called to be.

With love,

Project Virtue


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1 thought on “The Spiritual Rut

  1. Wow. It’s so encouraging to know that other people actually go through this. I’ve been in a simply awful rut lately and this is exactly what I needed to see!

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