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The One Thing: Why “Doing Christian” Isn’t Enough


It was the opportunity of a lifetime. She was running around, serving food and cleaning up after her treasured company: the Lord Jesus. As can be a common occurrence when people have company, Martha was stressed out. She was serving the Messiah, after all! She was putting all she had into serving Jesus.


It’s very easy for us to look at this and applaud Martha. She was showing hospitality and putting a lot of work into serving Jesus. She was doing so much for Jesus that she felt she needed help. Her sister Mary was also invited to dine with Jesus, and she was soaking in Jesus’ every word. She longed to hear more wisdom from the mouth of the Lord. She sat at His feet and listened intently. But Martha was overwhelmed and exhausted by all the work she was doing, so she begged Jesus to tell Mary to help her.


Obviously, Mary should’ve been helping her sister serve Jesus and the others with Him, right? That’s not what Jesus told Martha. Jesus told her that her sister had chosen the most important thing. He said that one thing is necessary. Being in the presence of Jesus is the single most important thing Mary could have been doing.


Sometimes we as Christians get so worried about making sure we’re “doing” the right things that we forget to listen to Him and take in His word. Sometimes we get so caught up in “doing Christian” that we neglect an authentic relationship with Jesus.


No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot pour out of an empty cup. We cannot be the hands and feet of Jesus when we don’t take the time to sit at His feet and be filled with the love we’re supposed to show to the world. How can we expect to live like Jesus when we don’t know what Jesus’ life was like?


Serving Christ with our whole hearts is necessary. It’s important. It’s commanded. But it doesn’t start there. Living a life for Christ starts by bowing before Him, listening to Him tell us how much He loves us, and learning how to show that to others. We must constantly be nurturing a rich and meaningful relationship with God so that we are able to go into the world to tell others about Him. Let us not grow weary of doing good, but let us draw near to Him and to His word.


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