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The Entitlement Mindset

“I just don’t understand it! Why doesn’t he like me? He should  like me!”

There is a common misconception I believe a lot of us girls have: that every single guy should be falling head over heels for us. But why do we think that? What has created this sense of entitlement, and what do we do about it?

A mindset of entitlement stems from a lack of self worth.

We are not secure enough in ourselves to know that a guy is never going to complete us. While insecurity and entitlement may seem like two opposite sides of the spectrum, they actually share some of the same territory in our hearts and minds.

Because we are insecure, we try to make ourselves feel better by assuming that all guys want us and need us, even though that is simply not the case.

When we have the false assumption that all guys should like us, we don’t give them the respect that they deserve; we are merely degrading their worth by thinking they need us.

So how do we reverse this mindset? Here are 3 ways to we can work to change entitlement to respect.

  1. Treat them as Christian brothers. If the guys in your life are Christians, we need to remember that they are our brothers in Christ. They have the same struggles on this journey as we do. When we remember that we are brothers and sisters, it is easier to treat them with respect and build them up.
  2. Encourage, don’t discourage. Instead of tearing these guys down by thinking they are nothing without us, we need to encourage their efforts and help them when they need it. We need to help them not because they can’t survive without our help, but because they are children of God just like we are.
  3. Pray for yourself. Ask God to help you have the confidence you need to reverse this entitled mindset. He wants to help you, and He can help you.

At some point in our lives, we all struggle with feeling we deserve or need something. Let’s work to reverse this mindset, and live to build up and encourage.

With love,

Project Virtue


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