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Stopping the Comparison Game: IS Series


We’ve all been there: scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and seeing picture after picture of girls that look so pretty, hair is blowing just right, makeup is perfect, or they have on gorgeous (and probably name-brand) clothes. Then the thoughts start rolling in: “I wish I was that pretty,” “Her clothes are so much cuter than mine,” and “I’ll never look that good.” And maybe, you start trying to make yourself feel better by saying things like, “At least I get better grades than she does,” or “I am so much more popular than her, so who cares if she’s pretty!” While these things may be true, you are belittling your friend in order to make yourself feel better.

Wow! That was an ugly downward spiral. But, unfortunately, it happens a lot. I am guilty of it, and if we’re being honest, most of us probably have done it at some point or another. Why do we do this? It all comes back to a topic that really hits home for me: insecurity. A secure person could scroll through those same pictures, and like the post, and maybe even comment a compliment for that person. Why? Because they know that their worth isn’t measured by another person. In fact, they don’t measure their worth at all. They know that God loves them so very much, and created them perfectly beautiful in their own way. An insecure person, however, spirals into the above scenario because they just aren’t good enough.

Yes, you’re probably light years ahead of me, but I’m going to oversimplify this: we need to be that secure person. We need to not measure our worth by another person, or by anything. We should be confident in what God says about us and how He made us.

But, after all, if it were so simple, we wouldn’t be so insecure. More than likely, if you are insecure about yourself at the moment, you have probably been there for a while. Insecurity isn’t something that appears out of nowhere one day. It is a downward spiral. It is our responsibility to stop it before it gets out of control. That is what this series (Insecurity Spiral, IS) is all about: turning that spiral around.

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