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Slaves of Righteousness: Who is on the Throne?



In the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul is writing to a group of people that have been called to be in Jesus (Romans 1:6). They are strong Christians, and their faith has been proclaimed in all the world (1:8). As he writes this letter, Paul mentions “righteousness” many times. In chapter 6, Paul introduces the idea of being “slaves to righteousness.”


In verse 13, Paul tells the Romans to present themselves to God, as instruments of righteousness. No matter how hard we might try to ignore it, we are presenting ourselves to someone. We will be slaves to someone. And ultimately, we have two options.


We can serve the Creator, the Living God, the One who formed our heart and mind and soul and knows us better than any human ever could. We are all born in His image, and we are His children until we sin and reject our first love. When we sin, we switch our focus, our devotion, and our love to the god of this world – the Enemy who is trying his best to win our heart to his side. He is the one that the majority of humans have chosen to follow after, whether it was a conscious decision or not.


When it comes to “spiritual slavery,” there is no middle ground. In Joshua 24:15, Joshua tells the people to choose whom they will serve. You are always going to obey someone. We have to make the daily decision to serve the one and only God, instead of the god of this world.


This decision means you decide who you’re going to let sit on the throne of your heart. This is deciding what and who you let dictate your thoughts, words, and actions.


But this is your choice. Romans 6:17 tells us that we must be “obedient from the heart.” God wants your heart, your life, your everything, no matter how small you may think it is. He wants you to want a relationship with Him. Choose to serve the God that made you and loves you and wants your heart. When you give Him that, you can become a slave to righteousness and He can do great things through you


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