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Revive Us Again


Whenever we go through times of trial, we often feel like the dry bones from Ezekiel’s vision in Ezekiel 37. We lose our hope. We feel dry and even dead. Most would say that we could never be revived.


But the Lord’s power cannot and will not be limited. When we immerse ourselves in the soul-reviving word of the Lord, He can do what all others said was impossible: raise us from our state of dryness and decay. We can be alive and well and stand as an army of the Lord’s people – the people He revives.


God is a reviver. He is a loving Father that restores broken people and makes us into something beautiful for His glory.


If you’re feeling hopeless and dry, you can be made alive again. Our God raises the dead, and He can heal your heart if you let Him in.


If you need some tips on how to get into the Word and immerse yourself in Scripture, click here.


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