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Praying from the Heart, Part 2

In the military, there is always a plan. When people go to war, there’s always a strategy. Never are there chaotic, sparatic ideas. There are lives at stake, after all.
In Christian lives, there is rarely a plan followed or a strategy in place. We just “don’t have time.” We don’t realize that there is a life at stake. Our spiritual life.

So, by this point, you understand the importance of powerful, strategic prayer. But how do we implement this into our busy lives? In 3 words, seek, write, and live.

SEEK: MakeTime

When you want to spend time with someone, you make time. You rearrange your schedule to fit them in. Why don’t we do that with the Lord? The time you spend with God should be a priority to you. Don’t wait till you have time, because you never will. You have to set aside that time.

WRITE: Journal Your Prayers

If someone is serious about doing something, they take the necessary steps to do their best at that thing. We should all want to be prayer warriors. Prayer journaling is something I discovered a couple years ago, and it has changed the way I pray. I’m not going to go into how I do my prayer journal, but I just want to plant this idea in your head. Do some research, be creative. When you write your prayers out, it is an active thing, not just a passive thing. It helps you stay focused, and it helps you remember what you want to pray for.

LIVE: Develop a Prayerful Mind

Whenever you do something for an extended period of time, it becomes something you do automatically. When you start praying like God intended, you start finding more and more things to pray for. You begin asking friends and family what you can pray for them. Strive to develop this prayerful mindset.

My prayer daily is for those who read this blog to be inspired to go out and live virtuously. Take a stand in your life, and strive to be a prayer warrior.

With love,

Project Virtue.


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