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Just Listen – Opening our Bibles and Hearts to God


Having a real relationship with God should be one of the primary goals of a Christian. Someone who genuinely wants to live a Christ-reflecting, light-shining life knows that she must have a relationship with her Lord. Prayer is a very important and much talked about topic when we think of having this kind of relationship. But there is a more important part of a genuine relationship with the Father – a part that gets neglected all too often.


When we pray, we send all of our thoughts, concerns, anxieties, and requests up to God. We praise Him for the God He is. We tell Him how much we love Him and honor Him. This is a crucial part to having a meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father. But this is only a part of it.


Have you ever been friends with someone that Never. Stopped. Talking? Every “conversation” you’ve had with this friend was just her talking the entire time. I know I’ve had friends like this, and to be honest, it can get pretty annoying. It can also be hurtful to us because we feel like our friend doesn’t care about what we have to say.


Too often, though, this is exactly what we do to God.


God wants us to pour our hearts out to Him. But He also wants us to just listen. To sit at His feet and listen to Him tell us How much He loves us and what He wants out of our lives. And He does all of this through His word. He is speaking to us through the pages of that big thick book we call the Bible. He pours His love for us into every page. Woven throughout the whole book is one theme: salvation for all humanity. Because He loves us and doesn’t want anyone to perish (2 Pet. 3:9).


It’s easy for us to take for granted the Bibles that we have. It’s easy for us to ignore how important it really is. But the truth is that when you hold your Bible in your hands, you hold the power to change the world. You have the opportunity to share with the world the very words spoken by the Creator of the universe. The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. It has the power to destroy strongholds, but it can also bring life to those that are dead in their sins and crying for a way out.


That is the power of the Bible. That is why we should long for God’s word. Crave it. Make a conscientious effort to let God speak to us every single day. Because He is speaking, loudly and simply. You just have to open your Bible and heart and listen. 


With love,


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