Just Be Held


The more I study and read God’s Word – the more I learn about His love – the more I am in awe of what God does for us. I’m learning that God really doesn’t ask as much from us as we sometimes think He does. His call is simple, but also really hard.


As Christian girls, we tend to be perfectionists. When we are feeling depressed or angry or exhausted, we put on masks of happiness and contentment. We tend to hide our true emotions because we’re afraid of being vulnerable. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are bad people and bad friends if we struggle in any way.


But God asks us to take off the masks that hide our less-than-perfect selves. He lovingly and patiently says, “Come to me, all who are weary. Come to me, all who are tired and worn, and I will give you rest. In me, you will find rest for your souls.” (see Matthew 11:28-29).

After years of wearing these masks of perfection, taking them off is hard because in our minds, that means admitting defeat. In our cookie-cutter Christian worldview, admitting that we struggle and that we just can’t handle life anymore means that we’re not embracing Jesus fully. It means that we’re too messed up for God to heal our hearts. But God doesn’t ask for the perfect. God doesn’t ask for the Christian who has their life all together, because if we’re honest, none of us do.


God calls those who are weary. Those who’s burdens are just too much for them to bear alone. And He asks us to take off our masks, and just be held. To come to Him and be in His presence. To feel the light of His radiance on our faces and know peace in our hearts. We have to stop holding on to our views of what is “perfect” and lay our masks at the cross. When we embrace this act of remarkable surrender, then we can be healed and held. It is after we step back and let God be God that He puts our broken pieces back together.


And all He asks us to do is just be held. To come to Him. And it is there that He promises to give rest to our souls.


With love,


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