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James 5: Be Patient

(I apologize for being late in our last installment of this study. I hope you enjoy it!)

James 5: Be Patient

Treasures on Earth

When our focus in this world is on riches, obtaining and having them, we will never have everlasting life. Those who live in “luxury” and self-indulgence will be judged one day for their stewardship of these blessings.

Establish Your Hearts

As Christians we have something that most of the world doesn’t have: hope. And because we have this hope, we must be patient for it. James uses an interesting phrase here: establish your hearts. I looked up the actual definition of  “establish”, and learned that this word means to set up, or found. In the context, James is commanding us to set up our hearts, found our hearts, because the Lord is coming soon. Set up your heart, to walk in Christ, because He is coming soon.

Remain Steadfast

If you have been raised in the church, or have some familiarity of the Bible, you probably know who Job is. Job had so much to deal with, and all at the same time, all the while still praising God. He also handled his pain by calling out to the Lord. Even though he was in miserable pain, and had lost everything, he remained steadfast to the Lord. May we all strive to be like Job.

Tell it to Jesus

Often, when something bad or something exciting happens, we want to tell other people about it. We want our family and friends to share in our grief or happiness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this; we all do it. But James talks about someone else we should include in our trials and joy: God. When something bad happens, we should pray to God. When something great happens, we should pray and thank Him for that.

The Power of a Faithful Prayer

James 5: 15 is one of my favorite verses. It says, “And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins. he will be forgiven.” The prayer of a righteous person can move mountains, not because of the person praying it, but because of the power of our God when we ask Him. So many times, we look to the world to fix our problems. The truth of the matter is this: the world may temporarily relieve some problems. But to eradicate and alleviate the struggle your having, take it to God! If you take nothing else from this study of James, remember this. God loves you and wants to hear from you. Take it to Him in prayer.

This concludes the PV Bible Study of James! Thank you so much for reading and being involved in this study.

With love,

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