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Hang On and Don’t Let Go

Anyone who knows me very well can tell you I am a coffeeholic with no shame. Most days, coffee is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. I have a very special mug I drink out of every single morning. When I pour my coffee and carry my mug, I grip tightly. I don’t want the cup to break or the coffee to spill. I hang on and don’t let go.

The gift of salvation is a lot like that. Jesus died on the cross – an excruciatingly painful death that no one deserves, but especially not the Messiah. He died so that every single individual on the planet can have everlasting life and hope if they come to Him on His terms. But this gift is not something that we get and can’t lose. Once we have it, we need to hold onto it, never forgetting the power it has.

When we take hold of God’s salvation that He so freely offers to anyone who grabs it, we should never let it go. We have something precious that is worth more than my morning coffee. We should be careful as to how we handle that salvation. Just as I gripped my coffee mug tightly so it wouldn’t break, we need to hold on to that salvation and never let go.

So hang on to your gift, and don’t ever lose it. It’s much too valuable.

With love,
Project Virtue

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