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Gender Roles: Femininity in Today’s World


*Thanks so much to Kristina Burk for presenting a lot of this material at the Truth Lectureship in Athens, Alabama. A lot of this information comes straight from her article titled Modern Views of Femininity. If you want to read it, you can buy the lecture book here.


The idea of feminism is starting become more and more prominent in the Christian’s way of thinking. Often we have a feministic mindset without even realizing it. When approaching the concept of gender roles and feminism, we need to remember that it’s all about perspective.

God is the Creator, we are the created.


We also need to remember that God put a lot of work into us. He took the time to design a beautiful creature. But, God also created a perfectly crafted woman and a perfectly crafted man. God didn’t create the world without intention. When we talk about gender roles, we need to remember that what God created is good and for our benefit.

“Femininity is the identity given to me by God the Creator. While the world is trying to figure out their source of truth, we have it already.” –Kristina Burk.


As we see in Psalm 139:13-16, God had intention. When the creator is the one who determines whether you are male and female, then to deny your gender is to say you are taking the place of God.


When we look at gender roles, we must remember this: “We are created in His image. We are equal but different. We are both valued by God.” –Kristina Burk


Feminism is not just a fad. We cannot take this issue lightly. The feministic mindset is degrading to both men and women. If we don’t take this seriously, who will? Let us all strive to fight feminism and educate and inspire women to be who God made them to be. Need some inspiration? Click here.

What are your views on femininity? How are you approaching this topic?

With love,

Project Virtue


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