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Facing Your Giants

“Large” doesn’t even begin to describe the giant. The ground probably shook as he walked. And if his size wasn’t intimidating enough, he was covered from his huge head to his big toe with extremely heavy armor. His coat of armor weighed a little less than the average man. Everyone knew this guy was indestructible, and no one dared face him.


Until David.


Now David was about 6’3 and in his late thirties. He had been in dozens of battles and was always victorious. If anyone could destroy Goliath, it’d probably be him. Right?




David was probably about 15. He was the youngest of 8 sons. He spent his days feeding his father’s sheep.


We all know what happened: All the grown men – strong soldiers, I might add – were too afraid to go up against Goliath. They trembled in fear at the sight of him (my Bible says they were “dismayed and greatly afraid”!) But none of this stopped David, the one who seemed the least qualified for the job.


David knew he could defeat the giant – not because he was something great, but because he served a God who was.


A few months ago, I started something crazy. I set out to write a book that I prayed would impact the souls of Christian girls everywhere. This week, I finished writing it. In 20 days it will be available for purchase on my website. This didn’t happen because I’m a great writer, or a great Christian, and it certainly didn’t happen because I know what I’m doing!


No, this happened because of a choice I made, and it’s a choice that you can make, too. As much as I love writing, I was terrified to write my book. There were times I was pretty sure I had lost my mind. But God was with me through it all, and because I pushed through and faced my giant, He gets all the glory. David faced his giant, but not on his own. He knew that his strength came from his God, and that through Him, he could do what everyone else said was impossible.


As we are approaching a new year, most of us make a list of “New Year’s Resolutions”or goals we want to accomplish during this year.


If you put your trust in God, you can do big, hard things.


Things that everyone thinks are impossible. Things that seem impossible to us and our tiny human imaginations.


But God says yes. God wants you to do hard things and give Him the credit. So this year, I challenge you to face your fears. Face the giants that scare you the most, because you aren’t the one doing the heavy lifting. God is.


With love,


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