Doubt: Standing on the Solid Rock 2


Doubt – it was the first original tactic of the enemy. The reason Eve took hold of that fruit was because the cunning serpent had shaken her trust in the words of her God. She began to doubt that God really meant all the He said.


When Jesus was being tempted by that same serpent a couple thousand years later, he brought out that same powerful trick. He began testing the Son of God by trying to shake His trust in all He knew, and to doubt who He was – who God is.


“If” you really are the Son of God. If you really are who you say you are.


But the difference between Genesis 3 and Matthew 4 is in the reaction. Eve let the doubt penetrate through the wall of security and confidence God had put on her heart. But Jesus didn’t let the devil change His thinking one iota. And how did He do that? By combating the enemy’s lies with the same words, the same full-of-power truth, that the enemy wanted Him to doubt in the first place.


The more I think about it, the more I believe that a lot of sins and temptations are rooted in doubt. We sin because we doubt that God’s words are really true, even if we don’t say that out loud.

We doubt because we forget who our Rock is.


We stand on relationships that could easily fall and shaky platforms that could crumble at any moment. and we forget that we can’t fix the cracks in our broken hearts alone. Only the Solid Rock can. And if we ever doubt that, I pray we will have the strength to fight against it with the life-giving words of Truth. He is the Rock.


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