Christian Life

  God’s people in the Old Testament, the Israelites, really get a bad rap, and they probably deserve it. If we were ever trying to find a completely broken and messed-up group of people, the Israelites are the answer. There was idolatry, sexual immorality, theft, murder, and a whole host […]

Beauty from the Ashes

Sweat and tears fell from His face as He prayed, alone, in the garden. He knew that the moment for which He had been sent to earth had arrived. He prayed that His Father would remove this cup of anguish from Him. He didn’t want to endure this. But He […]

It is Well.

A girl is walking down a hallway at school. At the beginning of the hallway, she puts on a smile. As she walks down the hallway smiling at friends, strangers, even enemies, others start smiling too. This girl started a chain reaction of light in her school.    In Matthew 5:14, Jesus […]

Light Wins: Starting a Chain Reaction