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Breakups: The Christian Perspective


I get so angry with our culture sometimes. We think we have excuses to behave un-Christ-like. Let me tell you, we don’t.

There is something about a girl going through a breakup that often makes her lose any Christian attitudes she previously had, in order to “get revenge” on the guy that dumped her. She may gossip about him to her friends, say all kinds of hateful things to him, and plot her revenge to pay him back.

My question is, why is this okay? What makes girls think that, since the guy dumped her, she can now act out and lash out?

In Matthew 5:44, Jesus commands us to “love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us.” When going through a breakup, you’re probably going to feel mistreated and unloved.

Those who are rude to us are supposed to be shown the same consideration we show others.

Jesus also tells us to pray for these people. Prayer is one of the practical ways we can demonstrate love. Often, when we are upset with a person, the last thing we want to do is pray for them. But, Jesus never promised us that our Christian walk would be easy, but that he’s always there to help us.

I pray that the next time someone treats you unfairly, you remember to treat them with kindness. It hurts when we aren’t loved like we feel we need to be, but God is always there. He is the One Unconditional Lover.

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Breakups: The Christian Perspective

  1. I have always said that casual dating is never good, because when you breakup it means that it is just practicing for divorce! This is a great read!

    1. Sarah-Beth, that is a great perspective. I think that could be a huge contribution to the high divorce rate in our country. Thanks for your feedback!

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