Our Mission

 I hope you’re enjoying my website so far, and that you’ll decide to stick around. Please be more than a reader; be a friend! Before you go any further, let me tell you a little bit about why I started this blog.

When I was younger, I had a dream of being a writer. I read a lot of books about writing and how to be a good writer. One of the first things they always tell you is to write what you know. After I decided I wanted to start a blog, I asked myself this question. What did I really know?

After much deliberation, I came up with two answers. First and foremost, I know God. I gave my life to Him years ago, and since then I’ve grown to know and love Him deeply. But I also know teenagers – specifically teen girls. Why? Because I am one!


When I combined these two answers as my reason to write, Project Virtue was born. I write this blog and website to be an encouragement to my fellow teen girls that are struggling and hurting. I’m not standing on a platform preaching to you. Instead I’m walking right there beside you, because I get it. I cry about the things you cry about. I laugh at the same things you do. I want you to be comfortable enough here at Project Virtue to lay your heart on the line and let God heal it. My goal is to point you to Him and what He says about you in His book. Because sister, it’s life-changing, and I want you to join me on this beautiful journey of learning about Him and loving Him.


At Project Virtue, all glory goes to God. He’s worked wonders in my life, and if you let Him, He can transform yours.


About Me


Hello there! I’m Sarah. I am a homeschooled, extroverted high school sophomore with a love of people and coffee. A lot of coffee. A few of my favorite things are Hallmark Christmas movies, 50’s music, talking to friends, and a good cup of coffee. Did I mention I really like coffee?