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3 Bad Reasons for Dressing Modestly


To dress modestly or not to dress modestly, that is the question.

So many Christian girls struggle with the question, “Why should I dress modestly?” I decided I’d break down some attitudes that we shouldn’t have when deciding to dress modestly, and I came up with 3 bad reasons for dressing modestly.

  1. You feel guilty if you don’t. If you are ever doing something because you feel guilty about not doing it, then you probably need to rethink your attitude. (without grumbling or complaining)
  2. Everyone around you is. If you go to a church with other teen girls, or you have lots of Christian friends, there’s a pretty good chance that they dress modestly. It’s never a good idea to dress a certain way just because “everyone else is.”
  3. You are ashamed of your body. So often, girls that are very insecure about the way they look tend to dress in baggy clothes that cover every square inch of skin. Ladies, we do not need to feel so ashamed of our bodies that we feel the need to cover it all up. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

When considering to dress a certain way, we always need to keep in mind our one purpose for living: to glorify God. Let us strive to dress in a way that will bring glory to His name.

With love,

Project Virtue


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